Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Jessi Arrington: Color-Obsessed Thrift Shopper Extraordinaire

Jessi Arrington is a Brooklyn based, color-obsessed designer and founder of the design firm WORKSHOP. Her favorite color is rainbow and she’s made a hobby out of wearing nothing new because it’s healthier for the environment, her wallet and offers her the opportunity to indulge her unique fashion sense!

She recently gave a lecture for TED and I was so fascinated by her personal style and spirit that I wanted to share her thoughts with all of you.

If you’d like to read more about what she thinks about color and design and thrift store shopping, check out her blog at!

I just did and came across the most eloquent and insightful post about her struggles with perfectionism and procrastination, which just so happen to go hand in hand...something I never actually realized until tonight!

One mental epiphany later, I had to share the link to the post because it so perfectly articulates how I feel inside.


  1. I love her, she's fun. I think she's a coworker ( or maybe just friend ) of another blogger I adore: swissmiss.

  2. She is amazing. I love the color rainbow.

  3. I love TED. Gotta check her out!

    Thanks girl!