Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Today’s (In)Significant Successes

Even small successes can make you feel good. And nothing makes me feel more successful than crossing things off my To Do list. Today, I crossed off three!

1. Schedule a Haircut – I know they say that you can go three months before getting your highlights redone, but my mirror doesn’t lie – yikes!

2. Vet Sample – It’d been one month exactly since our vet requested that we bring in a sample from one of our cats; I felt like such a bad mother! And even though this was actually handled by my boyfriend, I am taking partial credit because I know he wouldn’t have gone litter box diving if I hadn’t kept reminding him!

3. Potting Plants – I have a slight addiction to plants (as my apartment can attest to) so I was thrilled when my sister gifted me some that she found recently at the most amazing home and garden store in Philly. They’d been neglected for the past week, awaiting pots and dirt, but now they are quite happy and ready to grow, grow, grow!

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