Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Snowball Effect

The ideas for my projects usually come about in one of two ways – either by inspiration or out of frustration. This first project came about because of the latter.

You see, like most of the people out there, I’m a decorator on a budget. And it sucks when you can’t afford the perfect piece of furniture or accessory for your home.

But lucky for me, I’m a creative problem solver. So if I can’t find the right piece for the right price, then I put my tool belt on and figure out how to make it myself. Fortunately for my apartment neighbors, this project did not require the use of a circular saw - though it’s always much more fun when they do!

You see, when I recently started shopping around for a jewelry box, I was less than pleased with the small, overly flowery containers that I was finding…because I wanted something that didn’t look like a jewelry box.

I wanted something utilitarian. I wanted something that could handle my ever-growing collection of rings and necklaces. I wanted a miniature metal tool chest of drawers – the kind you store nuts and bolts and small tools in. But shockingly, (insert eye roll here) they were all priced way above my budget.

So after a few days bemoaning my light wallet, I put my problem-solving hat on and started sourcing for a chest of drawers that I could afford. And I found my perfect solution at that organizing mecca known as The Container Store.

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