Sunday, March 14, 2010

Creating a Tool Chest for my Jewels

First problem of finding a cheaper alternative to a metal tool chest of drawers was solved at The Container Store. Three stackable smokey, gray plastic drawers with metal pulls for a reasonable $17.99 each.

I was so excited with my find, that I went straight home and started to put away all of my jewelry…which soon presented me with my second problem. Nothing stayed put!

After more problem solving AND shopping, I had my tools assembled: pencil, ruler, X-Acto knife, foam paper and a ton of plastic pill containers.

Remember my perfectionist tendency? Well all I can say is thank goodness I’m an artist who likes math because it took a lot of measuring to get everything straight!

Once I had my cutouts done, I was ready for my favorite part – organizing! I layered a second sheet of white foam paper underneath the cutouts, nestled the containers in their new homes and piled in the jewelry. And since a collection never stops growing…I left a few empty containers for good measure!

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