Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I Swear I’m Not a Religious Nut

Sometimes you come across a message that hits so close to home that you want to share it with everybody:

Today I ask myself: Am I doing what I love? If the answer is no, perhaps it is time to reevaluate why I am pursuing something that may be out of alignment with my heart's desires.

To discover my divine purpose, I turn within and see what lights my inner flame. As I consider different options, I feel an immediate surge of energy, creativity and excitement as I connect with my purpose and discover my true calling.

Perhaps I am hesitant to proceed for some reason. If this is the case, I take the matter directly to God in prayer. There is a way for me to follow my passion and fulfill my potential. The perfect path awaits if I have the courage to believe.i

i Retrieved February 03, 2010 from website: The Daily Word is a publication featuring messages of hope. Disclaimer: I am in no way promoting any sort of religion, I am simply simply posting a message that I found inspiring and motivating.

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