Monday, December 12, 2011

Petition for Cats in the Workplace

This past weekend was hectic – with two holiday parties a hundred miles apart, a trek to get our Christmas tree, a trip to the Arlington National Cemetery in 40-degree weather…oh and taking a lot of medicine to get over a nasty head cold.

So thank goodness I had the foresight to take today off from work! Even after sleeping for 12 hours last night, I still required a nap this evening. Fortunately, the fuzzies are always ready for a quick catnap so they joined me on the couch!

And how was your weekend?




  1. Oh, feel better soon! (and hope you enjoyed the time off)

  2. Are your cats napping the whole time too? When winter comes they become lethargic with a few crazy moments here and there, but napping most of the time...
    get better soon!!