Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I’m All a-Twitter!

Two BIG back-to-back announcements…can you believe it?

Well believe it, because I am FINALLY on Twitter!

I had resisted for many years but over the weekend I finally signed up!

And I’ve only tweeted once each day since, which means I’m not fully obsessed...yet. But I’m definitely over my hesitance about twitter-land and I think it’ll be a great place to fully display my wit and charm – ha!

I would love if we could follow each other so please look me up and shoot me your handle (is that what it’s called or did I just embarrass myself?) so I can follow you too!

I promise not to post (too many) annoying and insignificant tweets…so how about it??


  1. I'm coming to get you!! I don't tweet at all but I read tweets a lot.

  2. We're twitter friends now. Let the fun begin.