Monday, September 19, 2011


Yup, it’s official.

My Etsy shop is finally open!!

I am so unbelievably excited and proud at this moment (and just a wee bit nervous). I’ve dreamed about taking this next step for sometime now and I can’t believe it’s actually here!

And it’s great timing because I want to leave my job…like yesterday…and this Etsy shop is the first place where I can start showcasing and testing my business ideas.

And it means I am just that much closer to finally start giving back because 10% of each and every sale on Etsy will be donated to Rikki’s Refuge – an amazing animal shelter who rescued my precious Wylie and Sami and a lot of other deserving animals.

For years I’ve wanted to make a difference (especially in the lives of animals in need) and I am beyond excited for the chance to finally start doing that! And it’s only the beginning because philanthropy is one of the cornerstones of Live Love Life Now™ and I have lots of ideas for how to keep giving and giving…and getting others involved too!

I’m starting out slow with just a few products but I plan to get back into production mode soon and I can’t wait to start designing again!

Also, many thanks go out to you, my most faithful supporters and encouragers! Your amazing and motivating comments have meant so much to me and I hope to do you proud!

So without rambling on any further, please go check out the shop and let me know what you think! And I would be ever so appreciative if you helped me spread the word around the blog-osphere!

Pretty please…with a cherry on top?! xo


  1. Congrats!!! I just checked it out! Its awesome. I'm really looking forward to seeing the stuff you keep creating! And who knows, maybe even purchasing some at some point hopefully! :o)

  2. This is so awesome Jenn! Congratulations! I'm going over now to have a look!


  3. Yay Jenn, that is HUGE!! Your shop looks fantastic and I love the ethos behind it. I'm an animal lover too and I so admire you for doing what you can to support such a great animal shelter (which sounds just beautiful).

    Massive Congratulations!!

    Linda. xxx

  4. amazing, amazing, amazing. I love the product and I loe the idea behind it.
    Make a button and I'll put it on my blog.

  5. YAY! This is so exciting congratulations on opening the shop! I loved the prints :) And I love that you're giving some of the profits to an animal shelter, that is really lovely.