Tuesday, September 13, 2011

“Craft Inc.” – A Must Read for Crafty Entrepreneurs

My sister recently loaned me the book “Craft Inc. – Turn Your Creative Hobby Into a Business” by Meg Mateo Ilasco…and I can’t put it down!

It literally covers all the questions that I have about starting a creative business and is helping me put the finishing touches on my Etsy store!

Meg turned a hobby of designing wedding invitations while in grad school into a full-fledged company that eventually was featured on NBC’s Today show…which makes her highly qualified to discuss all the ins and outs of starting a creative business.

But what I love is that she doesn’t rely on her experiences alone and includes interviews in each chapter with other crafty entrepreneurs (like Jonathan Adler and Lotta Jansdotter) who share their stories and tips.

Here’s a peek into the Table of Contents so you can see for yourself!

Chapter 1: Your Creative Mind
Chapter 2: Your Business Mind
Chapter 3: Your Personal Style and Your Products
Chapter 4: Production and Pricing Plans
Chapter 5: Marketing and Publicity Strategies
Chapter 6: Making Sales and Order Fulfillment
Chapter 7: Ups, Downs, and Next Steps

This book is definitely a must-read for all creative entrepreneurs and anybody else who is thinking of turning their crafty skills into more than just a hobby!

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