Saturday, February 5, 2011

Photo Album: NYC Part Three

Pizza and shopping – need I say more?

I love the color of an outdoor fruit stand!

Di Fara’s Pizza aka the “Best Pizza in NY”

It looks almost too good to eat!

The man behind the pizza

Hilarious and in neon!

I adore delectable window displays

Vibrant street art

Purl Soho – a crafter's dream store!

So many to choose from!

We were mesmerized by the spinning yarn

Mariachi Aztec Dunny riding the subway

30 Rock

Top of the Rock!

Crazy light room

Rockefeller Center’s famous ice rink

Quintessential Times Square photo


  1. I love New York. Or at least I imagine I love it...
    the craft shop is wonderful.

  2. bobbi - you would looove Purl Soho! I signed up for their emails some time ago and have always wanted to see their shop in's so pretty! I love all of the colors and cool fabrics that are hard to find for me locally.