Thursday, February 17, 2011

I Wonder What Mine Will Look Like?

Remember when you’d be excited to go to the mailbox and see if you got a handwritten note from a friend away at camp or from family that lived out of town?

Well I do and I miss it!

So when my sister introduced me to PostCrossing – a “project that allows anyone to receive postcards from random places in the world” – I was hooked!

This past Monday I became a member on their website and within minutes had my first international address! With any luck, my new friend in Russia will receive my postcard in a week or two.

I can't wait to see where my first postcard comes from!

One of my favorite paintings by Jasper Johns

I picked up this postcard at MoMA just for the occasion!

Short and sweet


  1. How is cool is that :) I am doing the project too i have a postcard going to Russia!

  2. Seems lie everyone is into this...I see nice things everywhere and I don't have enough time...I officially want a day made of 72 hours!!!

  3. That sounds fantastic and the card is really pretty! I love getting cards and letters:) Happy Friday

  4. Erika - why is that everybody I know who's part of PC is sending postcards to Russia? They seem to have cornered the market somehow :)

    Bobbi - I know exactly what you mean! I see things all the time that I want to try but there is never enough time. But I'm trying to force myself here and there to tackle a few of them :)

    Diana - totally! I'm excited that someone else is going to get and keep my postcard, but I'm even more excited by the mail I'm going to get :)