Sunday, June 27, 2010

Chasing the Wind

While still on vacation, my sister called me with an offer I couldn’t refuse.

Did I want to take a windsurfing class?

Um, yeah!

Okay, so I actually didn’t agree that quickly. I still had vacation brain and couldn’t quite wrap my head around what it would take to windsurf.

And then I realized it didn’t matter. The goal of this year was to start living life…and this would certainly be another step in the right direction.

And so today, I found myself on Gunpowder River taking a windsurfing instructional class…in 95-degree weather. Thankfully we spent most of the four hours in the water.

And it was awesome!

Granted there wasn’t a whole lot of wind today - and that’s kind of a big part of windsurfing (duhr) - but I still had a lot of fun practicing the basic pose, sailing position and self rescue.

And now I feel ready to catch some real wind!

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