Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Words to Live By

The following values were engraved onto a plate that my stepmother gifted my father for their wedding anniversary last year:

Achieve happiness • Believe in humanity • Celebrate life • Discover the moment Embrace diversity • Find love • Give unconditionally • Have patience
Inspire others • Judge no one • Keep goals • Laugh often • Manage anger
Notice modesty • Offer understanding • Play for fun • Question everything
Realize dreams • Speak truth • Trust yourself • Understand differences
Visualize peace • Wake curiosity • XXXOOO • Yearn for progress
Zealously live life

She felt that the plate exemplified the way that my father chooses to live his life everyday and I couldn’t agree more! But I also think that they are values for everyone to aspire to embody.

For me, I aim to work on the “have patience” value…I seem to be lacking it more and more these days. Perhaps I’ll post this list somewhere visible so everyday I can be reminded of what to work on.

Which value would you put at the top of your priority list?

1 comment:

  1. for me- I would day enjoy happiness :) I think sometimes we need to remember the happiness we have. and another one be myself.