Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Art Director? Who Me?!

So I had every hope of getting back on track with my blog last week…and then I got a call Friday asking if I would take on the role of Art Director for a friend’s short film.

After initial hesitation, I said yes and jumped in full tilt! But did I mention the film was being shot just one week later?

Yup, not a lot of time for me to learn exactly what it means to be an Art Director and then do it...but so far it has been amazing!

You know how sometimes things come together so nicely that it just has to be destined? Well that’s how I’ve felt about this ride so far. I spent most of the weekend sourcing for props and calling friends to borrow their old school items …and everyone has been so accommodating and willing to loan everything I’ve needed (special thanks go to Nicole and her parents)!

Fortunately the script doesn’t call for a ton of props, but everything has come together really well and I’m so proud of myself for what I’ve managed to pull together in five short days!

If I hadn’t been on this journey to Live Love Life Now, I never would have accepted the responsibility because I would have been too intimidated and fearful. But I am so happy that I volunteered for the job because it has given me so much pride and confidence…and I can’t wait to start putting the set together!

We’ll be filming through the long (and very, very hot) weekend so I may be a little MIA yet again. But I will be checking in every so often and as soon as the film wraps early next week, I’m jumping full force back into the swing of things!

What's the last thing you did outside of your comfort zone?


  1. That is great news- Best of luck! I look forward to hearing more about it.

  2. The last thing I did outside my comfort zone was swim in a swim meet. It was my first and I was extremely nervous I was going get DQed. Oh well.

    Glad my parents could help. If you ever need random parents are the people to call.

    I'm very proud of you. (It's like we're adults of something).

  3. Go you! It's a great opportunity and the best way to learn. My first career as a makeup artist, I did the same thing (I may have showed up to shoot with my makeup in a plastic bag! Embarrassing), but I slowly learned and was eventually successful at it. I hope the same works out for you!

    Good call on jumping at it!

  4. I hope you are having tons of fun. When I was in fashion school we made a short film and it was a great experience. It was a horror movie. I did the costume and set design and had a blast!
    Will you post a little preview?