Monday, July 5, 2010

Go(ing) Ape All Over Independence Day

I can happily say that I spent the Independence Day holiday weekend declaring independence from my own laziness of years past…as evidenced by my jam-packed schedule:

Friday evening: two hours of sailing on the Potomac followed by a pick-up picnic with my sister and friend. And in case you were wondering, a pick-up picnic is what happens when a picnic table meets a pick-up truck…genius!

Saturday morning: forty peaceful laps in the pool and more reading in my all-time favorite book “Eat, Love, Pray”.

Saturday evening: a lovely night spent at The Barns at Wolf Trap listening to the Gipsy Kings.

Sunday morning: an exhilarating three hours spent in the treetops of Rockville Regional Park with Go Ape! I particularly loved their tagline “Live Life Adventurously”.

Sunday evening: a happy Fourth of July spent with good friends and family eating, playing games and watching the DC fireworks.

Monday: a relaxing day spent sleeping in, reading, swimming and going on a lunch date with my boyfriend.

I end this entry with a message of gratitude for all those who have fought for – and are fighting for – the freedom of this country. Thank you for giving me the freedom to take advantage of all these wonderful opportunities and experiences.

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