Monday, November 7, 2011

Petition for Cats in the Workplace

I have awesome news for a Monday – my sister adopted a kitten!!!

And it got even better when my sister went on a business trip last Thursday and asked me to kitten-sit for the long weekend!

His foster name is Sushi and his adopted name has yet to be decided, but Miguel and I have come up with a lot of great choices…like Wilbert, Sharkey (because of the biting), Panda Bear, Salmon Roll and Bob “the cat”.

The little guy is crazy adorable and brings back so many memories of when Wylie and Sami were that tiny. They finally started warming up to him last night and I think may actually miss him tomorrow when Melissa takes him home…well maybe for 5 minutes anyway – ha! I’ll miss him and his antics a lot longer than that, but at least he’ll be just a walk away!

So without further ado, meet Sushi!!

It’s crazy how much he looks like Sami sometimes!

See what I mean?!

When kittens nap, they nap hard – too cute!


  1. Great - and such a sweet kitty! :-)

  2. Oh, how adorable... And I think there really is no better life than a cat's life (in a good home that is). Isn't he just the picture of contentment??

  3. ohh, so cute!! He also looks like Sabino, maybe try to give him a teddy bear and see how he would react.