Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Anthropologie Wish List!

Sometimes a catalog makes all the difference when you’re sorting through an otherwise boring pile of mail and bills…and today that catalog was from Anthropologie and I saved it for last!

Aside from the gorgeous model shots in Peru, my favorite thing about the catalog was checking out all the new and unique accessories.

Here are just a few of the pieces I’m going to add to my holiday wish list…and with any luck I may find one of them under the tree next month!

What’s on your holiday wish list??

One-of-a-Kind gramaphones transformed into iPod speakers!!

Adorable papier-mache Sea Story ornaments

Beautiful and colorful gloves

Gorgeous necklaces - I want them all!!


  1. Oh, love that place - LOOOOOOOVE it! Kills me a bit that I can´t go shopping there for such a long time...


  2. Oh! Those gramophone speakers!

  3. Funny I was just flipping through an Anthro catalog a few minutes ago- it really is like a mini-getaway!

  4. Anthropologie catalog! I didn't even know they had one?!! I wonder if they send them to Canada?! Hmm...